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Operational Projects in Kisumu

We are already operational in two counties namely Nairobi and Kisumu. Our vision is that our presence will be felt in all the 47 counties where there is need in the near future. In KISUMU the following are the projects operational;

Started in February 2014. Currently providing porridge to 95 pupils and 9 staff members.
Started in 2014 and currently has 95 pupils in pre-school to class 3. We are hoping to put up four streams of the primary school section from baby class to standard 8.
Started 2017 in memory of mama Rosebella whose entire life was involved with living with other needy children in her own home till her death. Her house has been transformed to be home to the very orphans and needy children to keep her legacy alive. Six children with a foster mother have found life and refuge in her home.
Formed in 2014 to eliminate dependency on outside aid and equip the community to apply Godly methods of alleviating the poverty and improve their living standard and cause real development beginning from individual families to the entire nation and beyond.
Through mobilizing the community through operation KONY and the help of Kisumu County Government, we have already built a large water pan in 2015 capable of holding water throughout the persistent drought in lower Nyakach. The pan is yet to be used to its full potential.