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Founder:: Bishop Luke Jakoywa

I was born in Kisumu Nyanza Province, Nyando District 380km from the capital city Nairobi, Kenya. My father died when I was 2 years and if there were any wealth left behind I never saw any. I was brought up by my mother who turned to brewing illegal liquor to make ends meet. Though drunkard, mum understood the importance of education and she took me to join primary school. It was a catholic sponsored school and they were interested to sponsor children who were bright and from poor families. I was sponsored and went through my education free and generally performing well. I was always top of the my class and later joined one of the best secondary schools in Nyanza province.

During this time, I got born again in high school and immediately I was convicted to serve God should I succeed in life especially to the less fortunate. I became ambitious and desired to do the best, lucrative profession to help me make money and get me out of poverty. So joining computer field was the most natural choice and I joined one of the best Higher Institution of Learning known for Computer Courses. I excelled and indeed it looked like my ambition was being realized when after sometime I became a Computer Consultant working for various world bodies projects like UN, World Bank within the Government of Kenya. At one time I got a presidential golden award for excellence in computer and helping in computerizing the Government system for the first time since independence. Some of the computer systems I developed and designed have been used long after I had left the government work.

My ways were opened and I began to acquire property. I started computer business. Things seemed to be working well. I began constructing a residential rental house meant to house 18 families. However as I was doing this the memory of my childhood and orphanage kept coming as I continued with construction work. The street children could come and beg for food. I not only gave them what I had but also clothed them. It disturbed me and I realized how much I was struggling to acquire for myself and my family yet here are children who not only do not have a home or parents to care for leave alone something to eat. "What use?, What gain will it be to acquire the whole world but have nothing for it in heaven?" The voice was clear but I was adamant. I wanted first to acquire "enough" for myself and make my old mother comfortable. Indeed I bought and built her temporary commercial rental houses in our rural market. The Computer business was doing well. I acquired a bluebird car. I married a beautiful sweetheart of my dreams besides starting off the foundation of my commercial building in Nairobi City. I was still consulting for the Government, have own business and got other private computer jobs. My children then were enjoying. "What else would a man need!" BUT I had not by now committed much to the Lord as I had promised!

Then things started going 'wrong'! In less than 4 years, not only did my 3 brothers die but so unbelievably my very own loving wife Grace also passed away. I was devastated! Like Job, one by one, My Computer business came down when thieves broke in and took away everything. Few months later my car was stolen and my insurance refused to pay back. Thrice I almost died at the hand of carjackers and thieves. My house was broken into and all electronic plus other valuable household items stolen. All that I had worked so hard to acquire went like whirlwind in less than 4 years! including my loving brother, who brought me up. Without Him, I may have been lost in the rural areas with no education at all. May God bless his children and the widow. Right now I am the only son left in Oywa's family with 2 widows, 1 widow also died plus 5 orphans of my brothers plus 5 children of my own.

As I was still trying to make ends meet, the final straw came, when now as a widower, the consultancy work with the government came to an end. It meant the savings which I had could not sustain building the house. At this point I understood the vow I made to God. I abandoned constructing my house (and it is still abandoned to date) and with all my saving I bought a land in Soweto slums and built an Iron structure church.By now people were not associating with me because of the misfortune that had befallen me, but the vision of the orphans did not die. I started talking about my vision and those who joined were some desperate young people who were doing nothing for nothing, seven days a week.

After buying this land, despite my qualification, it became difficult to survive and my children who were used to comfortable meals could barely survive. It was difficult to take it anymore. A job opportunity was found in the coast town of Mombasa over 400 km from Nairobi. It meant abandoning the church if I was to take this job. I was divided but hungry and could not see my children suffering the loss of their mother and lack of food. I made up my mind to take up the job in Mombasa but never reached. Somewhere between Nairobi and Mombasa traveling in a bus at night there was a head-on collision which left our bus in the bush, some dead, many injured but not even a scratch on my body. If this was not a miracle and angels of God guarding me, then I do not know what a miracle is! From that day I came back to Soweto slums. I could spend the whole day praying and sleeping on the muddy church floor and with the idle young men around me, I challenged them that we must begin to do "something for nothing" which is much better than doing "nothing for nothing". We collected some street children and since we had an empty church for 6 days and idle gentlemen for 7 days a week, Sheepcare Community Primary School began with 2 children. The rest is now history!